Tobler, Michael, Ph.D.

Ever since childhood, Michi has had a weird obsession with fish and other animals that live in water.  Studying biology and becoming a scientist has allowed him to make his passion his profession.  Today, Michi primarily studies the ecology and evolution of fish species in Latin America, allowing him to travel to exotic places and observing fish in their natural environments.

In addition, Michi studies the genetics, physiology, and behavior of fish in his laboratory at K-State. At work, he oversees a fish facility with over 250 fish tanks, all devoted to livebearers. And yes, he still keeps fish tanks at home, too.


Michael Tobler was the Tenth Vern Parish Award Recipient in 2006.



“Livebearers of Mexico – Habitats and Scientific Findings”

“Field Work in Central America”

“Poecilieds Living in Extreme Environments”

"The amazing diversity of livebearing fishes: strange habitats, unusual adaptations, and complex mating rituals"

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