Graduate Student Poster Sponsor

Graduate Student Poster Sponsor

Brief History of GPS:

In an attempt to further advance the interaction between the livebearer hobbyists and academic researchers in the livebearer field, Rich Serva, in conjunction with Gil Rosenthal, spawned this concept of hosting a graduate level poster session at the 2010 ALA Convention.   Pat Hartman volunteered to assist Rich with this effort.  Patrick Miller joined the committee in 2016.  The name for this ALA Committee is the Graduated Student Poster Session (GPS) This activity is totally separate from the ALA Vern Parish Fund, although obviously some of the posters may overlap with the VPF research proposals.

A total of 24 Students have presented Posters over the past 10 ALA Conventions.

Funding the GPS:

The GPS Committee strives to have sufficient funds in the account from the previous year in order to offer students Travel Stipends up front, without relying on obtaining contributions before we can recruit potential presenters.

However, the funds are now low and we are actively soliciting contribution to support the GPS efforts for multiple presenters this year, next year, and the years to follow.  Please consider making your contribution today.