Goodeid Status Listing

Goodeid Status Listing

Goodeid Status 2017

Table 1. Status and trends of Mexican Goodeidae in the wild as of 2017 as determined by John Lyons. “Government” refers to the legal classification by the Mexican Federal government (NOM 2002), and “Lyons” refers to my recommended designation based on IUCN (2001) terminology and criteria.


                                                                  Conservation Status

                                                            -----------------------------------                Trend Since

Species                                                Government   Lyons                          Late 1990’s



Allodontichthys hubbsi                                      None                      Endangered                          Stable

Allodontichthys polylepis                                 None                      Critically Endangered         Declining              

Allodontichthys tamazulae                                               None                      Vulnerable                            Stable

Allodontichthys zonistius                                  None                      Vulnerable                            Stable?

Alloophorus robustus                                         None                      Vulnerable                            Declining

Allotoca catarinae                                              None                      Endangered                          Stable

Allotoca (Neoophorus) diazi                            Endangered          Critically Endangered         Declining

Allotoca dugesii                                                  Threatened           Endangered                          Declining

Allotoca goslinei                                                 None                      Extinct in the wild?              No records since 2004

Allotoca maculata                                              None                      Critically Endangered         Declining

Allotoca meeki                                                     None                      Critically Endangered         Declining

Allotoca zacapuensis                                         None                      Critically Endangered         Stable

Ameca splendens                                                 Endangered          Critically Endangered         Stable?

Ataeniobius toweri                                             Endangered          Endangered                          Declining

Chapalichthys encaustus                                  None                      Vulnerable                            Declining

Chapalichthys pardalis (peraticus)                                None                      Critically Endangered         Stable

Characodon audax                                             Threatened           Critically Endangered         Declining

Characodon garmani                                         None                      Extinct                                   No records since 1890’s

Characodon lateralis                                         Endangered          Critically Endangered         Declining

Girardinichthys multiradiatus                         None                      Vulnerable                            Stable

Girardinichthys ireneae                                    None                      Critically Endangered         Declining

Girardinichthys (Hubbsina) turneri                                Endangered          Extinct?                                 No records since 1980’s

Girardinichthys viviparus                                 Endangered          Critically Endangered         Stable?

Goodea atripinnis (luitpoldi/gracilis)            None                      Least Concern                      Declining

Ilyodon furcidens                (xantusi)                               None                      Least concern                       Declining

Ilyodon whitei (lennoni, cortesae)                   None                      Vulnerable                            Declining

Neoophorus (Allotoca) regalis                         None                      Critically Endangered         Declining

Neotoca (Skiffia) bilineata                                               Endangered          Critically Endangered         Declining

Skiffia francesae                                                 Extinct                   Extinct in the wild                No records since 1970’s

Skiffia lermae                                                       Threatened           Endangered                          Declining

Skiffia multipunctata                                         None                      Endangered                          Declining

Xenoophorus captivus                                       Endangered          Critically Endangered         Declining

Xenotaenia resolanae                                        None                      Vulnerable                            Stable

Xenotoca doadrioi                                              None                      Endangered                          Declining

Xenotoca eiseni                                                   None                      Endangered                          Declining

Xenotoca lyonsi                                                   None                      Endangered                          Declining

Xenotoca melanostoma                                      None                      Vulnerable                            Stable

Xenotoca variata                                                                None                      Least Concern                      Declining

Zoogoneticus purhepechus                                               None                      Endangered                          Declining

Zoogoneticus quitzeoensis                                                Threatened           Endangered                          Declining

Zoogoneticus tequila                                         Extinct                   Extinct, but reintroduced   Declining