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ANGFA-NA Schedule Plus activities

Wednesday July 27th 2022

8am – 5pm          Show Room, Rental Room & Vendor Setup

3pm – 5pm         BABES silent auction tables

6pm – 10pm       Rusty Fish House Tour & BBQ


8am – 5pm          Show & Rental Room & Vendor Setup

8am – 12pm       Kentucky Derby Museum Tour

9am – 5pm          Show Room and Vendors

9am – 5pm          BABES silent auction tables10am – 11:30am Cichlid talk

1pm – 2:30pm   Cichlid talk

2 pm- 5:00 pm   ANGFA-NA registration

4pm – 5:30pm   Dry Goods Auction

6pm – 10pm       *Rusty Fish House Tour & BBQ – This is the one I would book us for if possible and you want to go.

8pm – 12am       Hospitality suite Open


8am – 12pm       Bourbon Tour

9am – 5pm          Show & Rental Room & Vendor Open

9am – 5pm          BABES silent auction tables

10am – 11:30am Cichlid talk

1pm – 2:30pm   Gary Lange – ANGFA NA intro + Everything You Wanted to Know About Rainbowfish But Were Afraid to Ask

3pm – 4:30pm   Leo O’Reilly – Weipa Wanderings – and the hunt for the elusive Threadfin Rainbowfish

7 pm–8:30 pm   Johannes Graf – Wapoga River: Collecting Chilatherina alleni and Melanotaenia rubrivittata in the remote wilderness.

I will try and serve beer during this talk unless I hear objections

7pm – 12am       Hospitality suite Open

11pm – 1am       BABES Auction


7:30 – 9am          Judging

9am – 5pm          Show & Rental Room & Vendor Open

930am-10:30      Marcel Wuethrich  – Rhadical Rhads! Collecting The Ornate rainbowfish (Rhadinocentrus ornatus) at Tin Can Bay

I will try and serve donuts and coffee unless I hear objections The other groups start at 9 am.  We can start then too if wanted.

9am – 5pm          BABES silent auction tables

11am – 12:30pm Gary Lange The Blood Sweat and Cheers of 105 Days of Chasing Rainbowfish in New Guinea

12:30 – 2pm       Luncheon – State of the ACA and ACA Awards

12pm – 2pm       Kids Decorating Contest by Aqueon & Segrest (limited to 25)

2pm – 4pm         Swap Meet Tables Open

4pm –5:30pm    Johannes Graf  Papua 2019: Discovery and collecting of “The Most Amazing Rainbowfish”; Melanotaenia species Kali Tawa and Melanotaenia mairasi.

6:30 – 7:30pm   Reception Bar

7:30 – 8:30pm   Combined Banquet ( ACA, AKA , ALA  & ANGFA-NA)

8:30 – 9:30pm   Spencer Jack (Fish Keeping Gone Wild!)

9:30 – 12am        Hospitality suite open & Fish/ Vendor room open

10pm – ?              Live music (Dorney N Friends)

Top of Form


8am – 9pm          Auction Registration

8am – 12pm       Tear Down Fish Show

9am – ???            Auction with AKA & ANGFA-NA – Yes there will be two other auctions going at the same time different rooms.