ALA Show Entry

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The 2022 Convention promises to have one of the largest livebearer shows in the history of the ALA.  The show has 20 classes. The full list of classes can be found here

The entry fee will be $3 per each fish entered.  There are no discounts or limits on how many fish may be entered.  One entry per tank (ie one fish per tank, 1 pair male/female in the pair class, one pair and fry in the family class).  Pre-registering will ensure that there is enough room for your fish.   Last minute entries may be limited due to space.

Please enter “not yet determined” in the show class entry section, if you know the class you can enter that as well but we will have a seperate link to actually register the fish you are bringing. 

The ALA wil lhave about 100 tanks for the first 100 poeple to enter the show.  After that it will be a bring your own tank.  The ALA tanks will be critter keepers that we have used before.   Max tank size is 2.5 gallons for the tables, if your fish need a larger tank please contact Patrick Miller at  We will update this when we have the actual entry process set up.

This is the form for show entries  You do not need to have this for when you purchase the show entries, however, it will be needed at the convention.