ALA Convention Schedule

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ALA Convention Schedule

8am - 5pm       Show Room, Rental Room & Vendor Setup
12 - 5pm           ALA Registration Open
6 - 10pm           Rusty’s Fish House Tour & BBQ

8am - 12pm      Kentucky Derby Museum Tour
9am - 5pm        Show Room, Rental Room & Vendor Open
9am - 5pm         ALA Registration Open
6 - 7:30pm         ALA Speaker 1 (Daniel Konn Vetterlein; Different aspects of the European Hobby - We can go big too!)
6 - 10pm            Rusty Fish House Tour & BBQ
8pm - Midnight  Hospitality suite Open


8am - Noon      Bourbon Tour (Buffalo Trace Distillery)
9am - 5pm       Show Room, Rental Room & Vendor Room Open
9am - 5pm        ALA Registration Open
3 - 4:30pm        ALA Open BOD Meeting

5 - 6:30pm        ALA Speaker 2 (Juan Miguel Artigas Azas; Swordtails of the Rio Panuco drainage
9am - 5pm        ALA SMP silent auction
7 - 9pm              NAGWG Meeting & Rare Goodeid Auctio
8pm                    ALA show entry deadline           
7pm - Midnight  Hospitality suite Open


7 - 9am                 ALA Show Judging
9am - 5pm           Show Room, Rental Room & Vendor Room Open
9am - 5pm           ALA SMP silent auction
9 - 10:30am         ALA Speaker 3 (Gil Rosenthal; Swordtails in the neighborhood: CICHAZ in the Sierra Madre Oriental)
10:45 - 12:15pm ALA Speaker 4 (Karl Trochu; Breeding Fancy Livebearers in an Outdoor and Natural Fishroom)
12:30pm-2pm     ALA Show Awards & Lunch

12 - 2pm               Kids Decorating Contest by Aqueon & Segrest (limited to 25)
2 - 3:30pm            Speaker 5 (Michi Tobler; Unusual livebearers in nature and in the aquarium)
2 - 4pm                  Swap Meet 
3:30 - 5PM            GPS Presentations
5 - 6:30pm            LFC/VPF wine/beer tasting fundraiser
6:30 - 7:30pm      Reception Bar
7:30 - 8:30pm      Combined Banquet (ACA, AKA , ALA  & ANGFA)
8:30 - 9:30pm      Spencer Jack (Fish Keeping Gone Wild!)
9:30pm - 12am   Hospitality suite open & Fish/ Vendor room open
                               (show fish can be removed)

8am - Noon          Tear Down Fish Show
8-10am                 ALA Auction Registration
10am                     ALA SMP Silent Auction Ends
10am-?                 ALA Auction