ALA Convention Auction Rules

ALA Convention Auction Rules

American Livebearer Association Convention AUCTION RULES

1. Auction registration will begin at 8:00am on Sunday.  You may register as a seller, buyer or both.   Paid ALA 2022 Convention registrants have been pre-assigned a seller ID.

2. The Auction will begin at 10am with donated dry goods.  Only dry goods that are new will be allowed for donation.

3. Livebearer auction begins at 10:00am.  Only Livebearers, live plants and live food will be allowed in the auction.

5. Items received after 10:00am will be auctioned last.

6. You do not have to be a member of the ALA to buy or sell.  Convention registration is not required to attend and participate in the auction.

7. ALL buyers must register and receive a bidder card.  Auctioneers will not accept any bids without a bidder card.

8. Acceptance of a bidder card and/or the entering of items in the auction for sale is considered an acceptance of these rules by the buyer/seller.

9. You MUST check all items in with the Auction Committee. Once checked in, an item cannot be removed from the auction without the permission of the Auction Chair.  Anyone removing an item without such permission will forfeit ALL auction proceeds.  Any unclaimed items at the end of the auction become the property of the host club and or the ALA.

10. The auction will consist of livebearing fish, aquatic plants and live foods.  No dry goods or other types of fish/aquatic animals will be accepted during any part of this auction.

11. All items must be neatly printed or printed by computer with the seller’s name, seller #, species name along with a clear description of the item.  Accepted terms are: PAIR=1 male and 1 Female of the same species; TRIO=1 male and 2 females of the same species; REVERSE TRIO = 1 female and 2 males of the same species. Any other combinations must be marked as to quantity of males and females or as to total quantity of fish, sex unknown.

12. There are no bag limits, but a restriction of 10 like varieties per seller will be accepted (e.g.: if you have multiple strains of guppies, you are limited to 10 per strain).

13. Fish, plants, and live foods must be properly and humanely bagged in proper fish bags or appropriate containers. Double bagging is strongly encouraged. NO ZIPLOC – type bags are allowed except for plants.  Leakers, improperly bagged, or poorly labeled items will be charged a $2 handling fee.

14. Sellers may not set a minimum bid for their items.

15. The minimum starting bid per auction item will be $1.00.

16. Bidding will be in whole dollar increments.

17. Auction split will be 70%/30% with 70% going to the seller and the remaining 30% being retained by the ALA.

18. This will be a 4 color Livebearer Auction:
         A. Each seller will be given color dots to be placed on their bags.  There will be 4 colors evenly split between
             the number of bags for sale.  The red dot will be the first group of items sold.
         B. Donated and BAP items will sell first. 
         C. Bags with the red dots will be sold first.
         D. The other three dot colors will sell in a random selected order.

20. After the bags with the red dot are auctioned, any item may be called up for priority auction.  Buyers will pay a service fee of $2.00 to bring any item up for auction.  The fee will not count toward payment of bid and is nonrefundable.  $2.00 cash will be collected before the item is auctioned and it does not guarantee that the person paying the fee will win the bid on that item.  The highest bid still wins the item.  Auction staff will attempt to assure the item will be sold within the next 10 items.

21. No federal or state prohibited aquatic plant, prohibited aquatic animal, or prohibited fish will be auctioned.

22. The auction committee reserves the right to reject any item from the auction for cause.

23. The Auctioneer's decision on all bids is FINAL!

24. All buyers will run a tab.  No cash will be accepted by the auction runners.  Buyers will sign and receive a copy of an item sales receipt.  It is the buyer's responsibility to check the accuracy of that receipt and once signed cannot be disputed.

25. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!  All items are being sold “as is, where is” with all faults, known and unknown.  Please inspect any items you are interested in thoroughly to your satisfaction before purchasing anything.  Once the auctioneer announces an item sold, ownership immediately transfers to the winning bidder.

26. All purchases must be paid for on the day of the auction, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Sellers will NOT be permitted to credit purchases against sales.  Cash, check or credit cards will be accepted upon checkout.  Checks are ONLY accepted with a valid photo driver’s license.  Checks must be made out to “The American Livebearer Association”

27. You are responsible for your purchases and the security of them.  Neither the host club, nor the ALA, nor the auction staff, nor the committee, nor the hotel will be responsible for the security of your items once purchased.

28. No one will be allowed to remove any items from the auction room without proof of payment.  Receipts for all sales will be provided by the auction committee.

29. Payouts to sellers will take place within 21 days of the auction close. No payouts will be made the day of the auction.

30. The ALA, the host club, the convention and convention committee, and the hotel shall not be held liable for any accidents, injuries, damages, or losses, which occur during the auction.

31. NO private sales or resale of purchased auction items is allowed on the premises except by vendors authorized by the ALA.

32. These rules are not meant to be all-inclusive; the Convention Chairperson shall be the FINAL authority on all matters.