About the ALA

About the ALA

About the American Livebearer Association (ALA)

Mission Statement:

The exclusive objectives of the American Livebearer Association (ALA) are to advance the science of ichthyology by stimulating interest in and encouraging study of freshwater livebearing fishes, including the families PoeciliidaeAnablepidaeGoodeidae, and Hemirhamphidae; to gather information concerning livebearers; to publish a journal on a regular basis containing original and other educational articles covering livebearers and their maintenance and breeding; to provide a means for exchange of information among individuals; to further the preservation of livebearers through both conservation of their natural habitats and an ongoing program of breeding and maintenance of individual livebearer species and varieties; and to provide a means for the purchase, sale, and exchange of livebearers by individuals.

Member Benefits:

Membership in the ALA is open to any interested club, individual or household on a yearly or multi-year basis, and is non-transferable.

Benefits of ALA membership dues include:

  • A one year subscription to our Livebearers Journal publication, published quarterly as a PDF document in full color, which includes articles for all levels of livebearer hobbyists
  • A one year subscription to our e-Trader, a monthly business newsletter distributed by MailChimp e-mail, including news and updates on .our annual convention, board committee reports, and our .exclusive “Trading Post” for sale and purchase of rare and unusual livebearer species
  • Access to our 47-year back issue library (over 225 issues of Livebearers), downloadable for printing for personal use
  • Access to our 7 Special Publications, a compilation of Livebearer journal articles covering specific species (Goodeids, Xiphophorus, Guppies,the Genus Poecilia, for example) downloadable for printing for personal use
  • Full access to the ALA website
  • Participation in our Breeders Award Program (BAP) and Brood Records
  • Participation in our Species Maintenance Program (SMP) for domestic and wild-type livebearers
  • Membership in the North American Goodeid Working Group (NAGWG) for long-term maintenance of at risk in the wild Mexican Goodied species
  • The privilege to run for office and vote in ALA elections; hold a committee chair position reporting to the BOD, and membership in these committees.

Your dues also support our Vern Parish Research Fund (VPF), which supports scientific research on livebearer species, and Langhammer Fund for Conservation (LFC).