Lyons, John, Ph.D.

"Status of Mexican Goodeids in the Wild" at the Inaugural Meeting of the North American Goodeid Working Group (NAGWG) “Will Goodeids Survive the Century?”


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I’ve been a fish nerd nearly my entire life, observing, catching, and keeping fish for well over 50 years. Currently, I’m Curator of the Fishes at the University of Wisconsin Zoological Museum in Madison, a position I have held since 1985. Until I retired in 2017, I was also a fisheries research scientist and supervisor for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, where I worked for over 32 years.

I’m originally from New York State, and I came to Madison, Wisconsin, for graduate school in 1979, loved the area, and never left. I received my B.S. degree in biology from Union College in Schenectady, NY, and my M.S. and Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, all with an emphasis on the study of fish. Although I’m interested in all fishes throughout the world, my specialties are the fishes of Wisconsin and the upper Midwest and the freshwater fishes of Mexico. I’ve made 40 (and counting) scientific trips to Mexico and other parts of Latin America, working on a wide variety of species in many different habitats and locations.

Currently, much of my focus has been on the conservation of Goodeid livebearers and other fishes in central Mexico. I’m a better field biologist than aquarist, but I currently maintain four species of rare Goodeids at home and at the Zoological Museum.

I am currently chair of the American Livebearers Association's North American Goodeid Working Group, which focuses on the conservation and captive maintenance of Goodeid fish.


“North American Goodeid Working Group” (NAGWG) Update

“The Livebearers of Teuchitlan Springs"

“ESU’s: Unique Goodeid Populations Worthy of Protection”

“30 Years of Adventure Collecting Wild Livebearers in Mexico”

“North American Goodeid Working Group (NAGWG)

“Status of Mexican Goodeids in the Wild” at the Inaugural Meeting of the North American Goodeid Working Group (NAGWG)

“Will Goodeids Survive the Century?”


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