$55 - Wessel Fish House Tour and Welcome BBQ

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When: Thursday, May 23rd. 6 - 9 PM
Where: Rusty Wessel Fish House
What: Tour of Rusty's fish house, local BBQ, exclusive rare fish auction
Food Included: World Famous Turkey Ribs, Smoked Bologna, Green Beans, Banana Pudding. Refreshments include sweet tea, unsweet tea, and lemonade. 
Space is limited, reserve your spot today.
There is a special event available for those arriving early in Louisville. On Thursday night, you can grab a chartered bus from the hotel to Rusty Wessel's Fish House. Rusty maintains over 5,000 gallons of freshwater aquariums in a state of the art fish house constructed specifically for fish. The 90-plus aquariums predominately contain cichlids and livebearers, which he successfully raises and breeds. Rusty's specialty is Central American cichlids. In addition to the cichlids and livebearers, there are five additional outdoor ponds consisting of over 100,000 gallons of water stocked with koi. From 1983 to the present, in over 150 trips Rusty has collected fish from Africa, Belize, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Mexico. Considered by many to be the ultimate collector, he has introduced many new species of fish into the aquarium hobby. If it lives in the water, chances are that Rusty has either caught it or been bitten or stung by it. Don't miss this opportunity to see if for yourself.
The BBQ will be catered by the Shack in The Back BBQ restaurant. You will have the chance to try some unique Kentucky cuisine such as their world famous turkey ribs and a variety of side dishes. 
Wessel Fish House Tour and Welcome BBQ