$3 - Early Show Class Registrations

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You must be registered for the convention to show fish. 

Cost Per Entry: $3 Before April 23 - $5 After

Type your class numbers in the box below. After, proceed to your cart and change the quantity to reflect how many entries you have. If you do not do this, your entry will be rejected.

ALA Show Classes$

1. Guppy - Male Solid Color Tail, Delta Tail Sponsored by: Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society

2. Guppy - Male Variegated Color Tail, Delta Tail  Sponsored by: Available $25

3. Guppy - Male Other Tail Types  Sponsored by: Available $25

4. Guppy - Female  Sponsored by: Available $25

5. Mollies - Domestic Varieties and Hybrids - Color and/or finnage variations of either sailfin or shortfin type mollies  Sponsored by: Available $25

6. Mollies - Natural Species: Poecilia butleri, caucana, chica, gilli, gracilis, latipinna, mexicana, orri, petenensis, salvatoris, sphenops, velifera, etc.  Sponsored by: Available $25

7. Swordtails - Domestic, Common Finnage Xiphophorus helleri  Sponsored by: Available $25

8. Swordtails - Domestic, Fancy Finnage Xiphophorus helleri  Sponsored by: Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society

9. Swordtails – Wild type: Xiphophorus alvarezi, birchmanni, clemenciae, cortezi, continens, kallmani, malinche, mayae, mixei, montezumae, monticolus, multilineatus, nezahuacoyotl, nigrensis, pygmaeus, signum, and helleri (with collection site information)  Sponsored by: Wessel Insurance Agency Inc

10. Variatus & Platies - Domestic, Common Finnage Xiphophorus variatus & X..maculatus  Sponsored by: Available $25

11. Variatus & Platies- Domestic, Fancy Finnage Xiphophorus variatus & X.maculatus  Sponsored by: Greentree Pet Center

12. Platies - Wild type: Xiphophorus andersi, couchianus, evelynae, gordoni, milleri, meyeri, xiphidium, and variatus & maculatus(with collection site information)  Sponsored by: Available $25

13. Limias: caymenensis, dominicensis, melanogaster, miragoaensis, nigrofasciata, ornata,perugiae, sulfurophila, tridens, versicolor, vitatta, zonata, etc.  Sponsored by: Available $25

14. All other Poeciliid species: Alfaro, Belonesox, Brachyrhaphis, Carlhubbsia, Cnesterodon, Flexipinnis, Gambusia, Girardinus, Heterandria, Heterophallus, Neoheterandria, Phallichthys, Phallocerous, Poecilia (other than guppies & mollies listed above), micro-Poecilia, Poeciliopsis, Priapella, Priapicthys, Pseudopoecilia, Quintana, Scolichthys, Xenophallus, etc.  Sponsored by: Available $25

15. Goodeids - Torpedo Body Shape Allodontichthys, Allotoca, Ataenobius, Characodon, Girardinichthys, Goodea, Ilyodon, Xenotaenia, etc.  Sponsored by: Available $25

16. Goodeids - Deep Body Shape Alloophorus, Ameca, Chapalichthys, Skiffia, Xenoophorus, Xenotoca, Zoogoneticus, etc.  Sponsored by: Available $25

17. All Other Livebearers: Halfbeaks (Dermogenys, Nomorhamphus, Hemirhamphodon, Zenarchopterus, etc.), Anableps, Jenynsia, Stingrays, etc.  Sponsored by: Available $25

18. Pairs Class - Livebearers only male and female of the same species  Sponsored by: Available $25

19. Family Class - Livebearers parents and 10 or more fry under three months old. The fishes must have been bred by the exhibitor. Sponsored by: Available $25

20. Livebearer photography  Sponsored by: Available $25

Special Awards to be presented:

Joanne Norton Best of Show Domestic (classes 1-5, 7,8,10, & 11) Sponsored by: Available $50

Frances Hubbs Miller Best of Show Goodeid (classes 15-16) Sponsored by: Available $50

Robert Rush Miller Best of Show Poecilieds or All Other Livebearer (classes 6,9,12-14,17) Sponsored by: Available $50

Chairman's High Point Award Sponsored by: Leslie Dick 

If you have any questions about the livebearer show registration, email Tim Stone - ThePoultryFarm@yahoo.com

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