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ALA Show Classes

1. Guppy - Male Solid Color Tail, Delta Tail Sponsored by: Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society

2. Guppy - Male Variegated Color Tail, Delta Tail  Sponsored by: Motor City Aquarium Society

3. Guppy - Male Other Tail Types  Sponsored by: Bob and Teresa Sturnfield

4. Guppy - Female  Sponsored by: Shack in the Back BBQ

5. Mollies - Domestic Varieties and Hybrids - Color and/or finnage variations of either sailfin or shortfin type mollies  Sponsored by: Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers

6. Mollies - Natural Species: Poecilia butleri, caucana, chica, gilli, gracilis, latipinna, mexicana, orri, petenensis, salvatoris, sphenops, velifera, etc.  Sponsored by: Morris Spillman

7. Swordtails - Domestic, Common Finnage Xiphophorus helleri  Sponsored by: Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers

8. Swordtails - Domestic, Fancy Finnage Xiphophorus helleri  Sponsored by: Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society

9. Swordtails – Wild type: Xiphophorus alvarezi, birchmanni, clemenciae, cortezi, continens, kallmani, malinche, mayae, mixei, montezumae, monticolus, multilineatus, nezahuacoyotl, nigrensis, pygmaeus, signum, and helleri (with collection site information)  Sponsored by: Wessel Insurance Agency Inc.

10. Variatus & Platies - Domestic, Common Finnage Xiphophorus variatus & X..maculatus  Sponsored by: Southside Pet Shop

11. Variatus & Platies- Domestic, Fancy Finnage Xiphophorus variatus & X.maculatus  Sponsored by: Greentree Pet Center

12. Platies - Wild type: Xiphophorus andersi, couchianus, evelynae, gordoni, milleri, meyeri, xiphidium, and variatus & maculatus(with collection site information)  Sponsored by: Kenneth Smock

13. Limias: caymenensis, dominicensis, melanogaster, miragoaensis, nigrofasciata, ornata,

perugiae, sulfurophila, tridens, versicolor, vitatta, zonata, etc.  Sponsored by: Michiana Aquarium Society

14. All other Poeciliid species: Alfaro, Belonesox, Brachyrhaphis, Carlhubbsia, Cnesterodon, Flexipinnis, Gambusia, Girardinus, Heterandria, Heterophallus, Neoheterandria, Phallichthys, Phallocerous, Poecilia (other than guppies & mollies listed above), micro-Poecilia, Poeciliopsis, Priapella, Priapicthys, Pseudopoecilia, Quintana, Scolichthys, Xenophallus, etc.  Sponsored by: Pat Hartman

15. Goodeids - Torpedo Body Shape Allodontichthys, Allotoca, Ataenobius, Characodon, Girardinichthys, Goodea, Ilyodon, Xenotaenia, etc.  Sponsored by: Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers

16. Goodeids - Deep Body Shape Alloophorus, Ameca, Chapalichthys, Skiffia, Xenoophorus, Xenotoca, Zoogoneticus, etc.  Sponsored by: John Lyons

17. All Other Livebearers: Halfbeaks (Dermogenys, Nomorhamphus, Hemirhamphodon, Zenarchopterus, etc.), Anableps, Jenynsia, Stingrays, etc.  Sponsored by: Jennifer Loftus

18. Pairs Class - Livebearers only male and female of the same species  Sponsored by: Motor City Aquarium Society

19. Family Class - Livebearers parents and 10 or more fry under three months old. The fishes must have been bred by the exhibitor. Sponsored by: Gary Stickel

20. Livebearer photography  Sponsored by: D's Rainbowfish Cellar


Special Awards to be presented:

Joanne Norton Best of Show Domestic (classes 1-5, 7,8,10, & 11) Sponsored by: Jeremy Pemberton Y Carolina Barcelli

Frances Hubbs Miller Best of Show Goodeid (classes 15-16) Sponsored by: North American Goodeid Working Group

Robert Rush Miller Best of Show Poeciliids or All Other Livebearer (classes 6,9,12-14,17) Sponsored by: Mike Schadle / The Fish Factory

Chairman's High Point Award Sponsored by: Leslie Dick 

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